The first time I saw a harp was when I was 8 years of age.  It was love at first sight, and I soon started studying with harpist and teacher Jill Whitman.  I studied the Suzuki method and classic harp with Jill.  A few years into my harp study, the opportunity came up to fly to Prague, Czech Republic, and play with some fellow Harpists in the 7th World Harp Congress.  At that point, I wanted to learn more than the classical sound of the harp and learn something that was more expressive, fresh, and loaded with pizazz!  I began searching for a teacher/mentor who could help teach me more about musicality, creativity, songwriting, and finding my own style of playing harp.  I met Dr. Mark Andersen, who has studied both American and French styles of playing harp, and he opened a new world to me and has taught me everything I yearned to know for my musical career.  He shared new and amazing ideas from his years of professional study in Paris and his career as a professional concert musician.  Studying with him has given me new ideas about learning and writing my own music, and how to use vocals to enhance the music.