The first time I saw a harp was when I was 8 years of age.  It was love at first sight, and I soon started studying with harpist and teacher Jill Whitman.  I studied the Suzuki method and classic harp with Jill.  A few years into my harp study, the opportunity came up to fly to Prague, Czech Republic, and play with some fellow Harpists in the 7th World Harp Congress. 

I soon felt a craving to learn more than the classical sound of the harp and learn something that was more expressive, fresh, and allowed my own creativity to blossom.  I began searching for a teacher/mentor who could help teach me more about musicality, creativity, songwriting, and finding my own style of playing harp.  I met Dr. Mark Andersen, who has studied both American and French styles of playing harp, and he opened me up to a new world of songwriting and studying the electric lever harp. I began writing my own music, using a combination of electric harp and vocals to express my own musical voice.

Following this, I relocated to Southern California, where I earned my Master's Degree in Fine Arts at California Institute of The Arts. About six years ago and during my education, my passion for teaching blossomed and I realized that the most rewarding aspect of my work is to share in creativity and music with others, at all levels and ages. I currently work from my home studio and travel throughout the greater Los Angeles area teaching my students harp and piano skills and creative flow. The thing I enjoy most about this is sculpting each lesson to each individual student, in a commitment to make our time together fun, inspiring and challenging. 

Performing has been a major source of enjoyment for me, including performing at weddings, receptions, funerals, art openings, retirement homes, birthday parties, symphonies, pit orchestras for plays and many other special events. However, due to the current situation in our world, I am putting major focus into my virtual lessons with students, as well as participating in Lockdown Media Group, a group which develops artful content virtually for the enjoyment of others. I am the Musical Director and have scored the two productions we have completed so far. Please stay tuned for more upcoming productions. In this wild and unpredictable time, we must stick together as artists and continue to do what we love the most, while sharing with others the beauty of creativity.